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The main dacha of Ekaterinburg is located not in the outskirts but in the very center of the city, right across the Sverdlovskaya region governor’s residence. In this house with robin pattern wallpapers, a gentle Scottish cat and a canary, nobody wants to talk about politics. Restaurant Pashtet is made for warm family meetings that gather three or even four generations of relatives to listen to family stories and reminisce about memories, specially treasured for such occasions.

Tea is served in rose flower ornamented cups with essential wild strawberry confiture in crystal bowls reminding those of your grandmother, called rosettes. Summer marks the opening of a terrace overlooking one of the most quiet side streets — Pochtoviy pereulok. The restaurant starts to serve okroshka soup with homemade kvass and cold teas. The winter menu offers hot thick soups with small pattie-cakes and a shot of homebrewed infusion to bring a warm feeling of home.


Pashtet likes to reinvent the Russian cuisine and serves it in a variety of ways. One menu holds borsch soup and ground chicken cutlets, cured pork fat from a trusted person from Kiev and sous vide rabbit, spelt wheat with demi-glace sauce and, of course, our hit — the bird cherry pie.


Head chef

The head chef of Pashtet Ivan Orlov mastered his skills in the best restaurants of Ekaterinburg. Starting with a chain of restaurants Malakhit and then going through his first serious experience at James and Rosy Jane, in 2014 he graduated from Moscow chef school Ragout and returned to Ekaterinburg with new ideas. Pashtet’s cuisine represents the best of Ivan Orlov’s skills and forms a winning assortment of national culinary traditions of different times, innovative European technologies and Ural farmer products that are fortunately growing more and more.


The children and the cat

Pashtet is always welcomes children, but Saturday and Sunday are special days. Boisterous groups with little guests gather before the opening to participate in a sweet workshop from our pastry chef, buy good limited edition children’s books, try something new from the children’s menu and see how Pasha the house cat is doing. Pasha is wise and very responsible and never hurts anyone no matter how much pestering there is. She calmly and graciously wanders between the chairs and flowerpots much to everyone’s delight.

Once a month we host big children’s events where such «stars» as Dracula, Mary Poppins and even a real pirate captain are invited!

to get discounts, and to keep abreast of the news

St. Tolmachev 23
Mon-Fri 12.00 - 24.00
Sat-Sun 11.00 - 24.00
(343) 228-00-59